Re: Lookin for LDAP line entry & line output

Mark Smith (
Wed, 30 Oct 1996 14:24:27 -0800 wrote:

> I am looking for a command line entry for a X.500 Dir. using LDAP for
> the HP-UX environment or ms-dos.
> I am also looking for some way to do a search on multiple branches of
> the Dir. and have it report back the branch name,its attribute and there
> values.
> Any comment or suggestion will be appreciated. I just joined the
> listserv last week and it has all ready been helpful.

Some simple but very useful command line tools are included in the U-M
LDAP 3.3 release in the clients/tools subdirectory. They are called
ldapsearch, ldapadd, ldapmodify, etc. and let you perform most LDAP
operations from the command line. They are known to run on HP/UX and
probably can be ported to MS-DOS if you are adventuresome. The U-M LDAP
source distribution is available from here:

We (Netscape) also ship updated versions of these tools with our
Directory Server product. Look here for more information:

I think the ldapsearch tool will allow you to perform the multiple
branch search you desire. If the branches you are interested in share a
common parent, you can just do a subtree search and ask for the
attributes you want. If they don't share a common parent, you can feed
a sequence of several searches into ldapsearch to get what you want.

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