xax500 - a Motif-based X.500 Directory User Agent

What is xax500?

xax500 (pronounced "zacks five hundred") is an X.500 Directory User Agent, or DUA, developed at the University of Michigan. With xax500 you can browse the X.500 Directory, and search for and modify entries. It is a companion application to maX.500 (for the Macintosh) and waX.500 (for Microsoft Windows), and is part of the University of Michigan LDAP (Lighteight Directory Access Protocol) suite of software.

There is a separate page for xax500 news (look here for latest version information).

xax500 is largely the work of Gordon Good, although it borrows heavily from maX.500 and waX.500. Since developing xax500, the original author has left the University of Michigan and is now at Netscape, working on the Netscape Directory Server. Further development of xax500 eagerly awaits someone else's expertise!

xax500 features:

xax500 screen shots


In order to use a binary distribution of xax500, you will need:

In order to compile the source distribution of xax500, you will need:

You do not need Motif to simply run xax500.

Obtaining xax500

xax500 source code is available via anonymous ftp from terminator.rs.itd.umich.edu in the directory /x500/xax500. Binary distributions for various platforms will be placed there if we are able to beg, borrow, or steal various machines to use for porting xax500.


Thanks to: Tim Howes, Mark Smith, Steve Rothwell, Craig Watkins for ideas and bug fixes.

Other Stuff

To report bugs, send mail to xax500.bugs@umich.edu

To be placed on the xax500 announcements mailing list, where bug fixes, new versions, etc. will be announced, send mail to xax500.announce-request@umich.edu

To be placed on the LDAP mailing list, send mail to ldap-request@umich.edu

Gordon Good (ggood@netscape.com)