Exemplary Academic Support Programs

Homegrown Teacher Partnership Project (HTPP)

University of Minnesota

HTPP creates a pipeline for future teachers by recruiting, preparing and supporting culturally-diverse students from the undergraduate level through their first year of teaching. At each step in their academic journey, HTPP provides a safety net of advising, mentoring and support services to ensure student interest, involvement, growth, and retention. During their undergraduate years at UM, students are supported through scholarships, advising and mentoring programs. During the final phase of the program, students complete their one-year post-baccalaureate licensure program in the College of Education and Human Development. Through this continuum of relevant educational opportunities, HTPP strives to improve the educational experience of culturally diverse students and produce better prepared culturally diverse teachers.

Academic Advancement Program (AAP)

University of California at Los Angles

UCLA's multiracial undergraduate retention program has a threefold mission: To ensure the academic success, retention, and graduation of underrepresented first generation college and low income students; to increase the number of these students entering graduate and professional schools; and to develop the academic, political, scientific, economic and community leadership necessary to transform our society in the twenty-first century. AAP encourages and promotes academic achievement and excellence by providing students with tutoring; academic programs; academic, personal, and career counseling; graduate mentoring opportunities; scholarships; research opportunities; as well as opportunities to participate in innovative science programs; and a computer lab.


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