Exemplary Co-Curricular Programs

Collective Voice: Women's Intergenerational Dialogues

Arizona State University

Through Collective Voices, women have the opportunity to share intergenerational experiences to learn how the strength and culture of womenÕs voices have been used throughout generations to break silence and create social change. One-hour dialogues occur throughout the year and are free to all participants. There is a limit of 12 participants. Each dialogue includes food and reading materials. This is one of many dialogues offered as part of the comprehensive Intergroup Relations Center.

Intercultural Leadership Seminar

University of Michigan

A powerful five-day program intended to provide participants with a deeper understanding of how to work more effectively in intercultural settings. Becoming more culturally fluent in an increasingly multicultural and interdependent world requires both self-awareness and knowledge of others. This program is experiential in design and explores how culture influences leadership issues on both an interpersonal and intergroup level. ILS gathers a mix of people who bring a wide variety of cultures, backgrounds, and cross-cultural experiences. Through the use of structured discussions, simulations, and group exercises, the program addresses a variety of components: self-awareness, awareness of others, cultural difference, intercultural communication, effective multicultural teams, and leadership across cultures. As a result, participants develop a great appreciation for the breadth and complexity of culture, as well as the variety of challenges inherent in working in different cultural environments.


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