Exemplary Community Outreach Programs


Christopher Columbus High School/UVM Collaboration

University of Vermont

In a multi-faceted partnership, a high school from the Bronx is collaborating with UVM to help students discover higher education, particularly beyond the borders of the Bronx. A team made up of members from the high school and UVM community introduce high school students to the process of applying to college, how financial aid works and opportunities that are available at UVM. Visits have been conducted to the Bronx by UVM faculty and Christopher Columbus High School students have visited UVM. Corporate philanthropy from Jet Blue Airlines (180 round-trip plane tickets between Burlington and New York) have made the travel possible.

The Pipeline Project

University of Washington

Partnerships between UW and the Seattle Public Schools which recruits, trains, and places UW students as tutors in Seattle schools with high populations of K-12 students in need (based on math and reading test scores). Students have the option of earning credit for their tutoring involvement.

Native American Pilot Program in Distance Education

University of New Mexico

The Distance Education Center (DEC) at the University of New Mexico provides Remote access to selected programs in Engineering, Nursing, Education, Public Administration, Management, and Arts and Sciences. Access is provided to New Mexico students in their local communities through technologies such as instructional television transmissions and the internet. Students are able to participate in the courses at classroom sites throughout New Mexico (in the case of the nursing program, at several out of state sites as well).

Racial Legacies and Learning Project

University of Washington

In partnering with the Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce, the Seattle Coalition Racial Legacies and Learning Project (RLLP) adopted an already established and successful model of the "ItŐs Time to Talk" Project of ChamberŐs Urban Enterprise Center. The Urban Enterprise Center (UEC) created this project in response to a growing need for critical dialogue about race between business leaders and members of local communities. To achieve this end, the UEC sponsored a series of nationally known speakers and a series of dinner conversations held in private homes for community participants for discussions about race.



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