A Human Factors Approach
to the Design of
Traffic Information Web Sites.

Christopher Nowakowski, Paul Green, and Mark Kojima

May 2000

At least 30 major cities and metropolitan areas in the U.S. have implemented real-time traffic-information web sites to provide pretrip traffic information. Although many web-site-design guidelines exist, no design guidelines were found specific to the construction of traffic-information web sites. The project upon which this paper was based set out to develop such guidelines. In the process, 4 methods used to help design a usable web site were evaluated: (1) user analysis, (2) heuristic evaluation, (3) guideline application, and (4) user testing. This paper describes the major findings from each method and the strengths and weaknesses identified for each method. Although there were distinct benefits from each method, guidelines use and user testing were found to be the most beneficial methods given the likely resources available in the Traffic Management Center (TMC) to develop a traffic-information web site.

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