Synopsis of Driver Interface Standards and Guidelines for Telematics as of Mid-2001

Paul Green

June 2001

This report identifies current guidelines and standards for driver interfaces to telematics from SAE, ISO (Technical Committee 22, Subcommittee 13, Working Group 8), and other sources. Information concerning titles, sources, content, and length is provided along with some commentary.

ISO is developing two standards associated with visual displays (visual behavior measurement‹ISO standard 15007, legibility--ISO standard 15008), one concerned with auditory displays (ISO standard 15006) and two concerned with message presentation (dialog management‹ISO standard 15005, message priority‹ISO standard 16951). There are preliminary work items for two process standards (suitability, safety assurance) and an effort on visual distraction that is an expansion of a work item on navigation interfaces.

Basic non-ISO guidelines include European Union Guidelines, and a derivative of them, the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers Guidelines. These documents are brief, high-level statement principles. Somewhat more detailed are the JAMA guidelines (Japanese industry design guidelines), SAE Recommended Practices J2364 ("the 15-Second Rule") and J2365 (the calculation procedure for 2364), and the TRL checklist (developed in the UK). Finally, there are three sets of detailed (each in excess of 100 pages) and well-documented guidelines (Battelle, UMTRI, HARDIE), that can be used directly for product design. Copies of all non-ISO guidelines appear on the UMTRI Driver Interface Team web site (

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