Perspective in Orientation/Navigation Displays: A Human Factors Test

Paul Green and Marie Williams


Twelve drivers (6 ages 18-30, 6 over 65) participated in an experiment. While seated in a vehicle mockup, they were shown slides of residential intersections photographed from the driver's viewpoint. Simultaneously, drivers saw slides of a navigation display. Drivers indicated if the two images were for the same or different type of intersection (cross, Y, T, etc).

The response times indicated that Head-Up-Display-mounted displays were better than console-mounted displays (1524 versus 1630 ms), that aerial views were slightly better than plan views (1501 versus 1523 ms) and much better than perspective views (1706 ms). Finally, responses to displays where the roads were shown as solid objects were more rapid than to those shown as outlines (1557 versus 1597 ms). Error and preference data supported these results.

The results from this experiment should be validated with on-road data.

Download VNIS-92 (.pdf)


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