Trends in North American
Intelligent Transportation Systems:
A Year 2000 Appraisal

Barbara C. Richardson and Paul A. Green

April, 2000

This report examines general market trends for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) in North America and specific trends associated with (1) the E911 mandate, (2) mobile internet devices, (3) navigation systems, and (4) vehicle communication buses. Product liability concerns pertaining to ITS in general and adaptive cruise control (ACC) and collision avoidance/warning (CA/W) are also examined. Information pertaining to these topics was assembled via internet searches, review of the authors¹ personal files, and personal communication with colleagues. The project scope and resources provided for a top-level, rather than detailed, examination of the report topics.

Key findings are: (1) The most desired features were ACC and Mayday services (43% and 38% of drivers want, respectively, median prices of $400 and $500). (2) The E911 mandate will result in all cellular phones having GPS within the next few years. (3) In the short term, it is uncertain if the most popular mobile internet device will be a phone with PDA functions or a PDA with phone functions. In the long term, the most popular device may be a wearable computer or a wrist computer. (4) The intelligent data bus (IDB) will be the defacto standard in the next few years. (5) Product liability concerns are particularly significant for ACC, advanced vehicle control systems, and CA/W systems.

Graphical Abstract (.pdf) | UMTRI-2000-9 Full Report (.pdf)


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