Automotive Industry Trends in Electronics:
Year 2000 Survey of Senior Executives

Paul Green, Mike Flynn, Gary Vanderhagen,
Joe Ziomek, Esther Ullman, and Ken Mayer

December, 2001

This study surveyed automotive executives to obtain insight into the future of automotive electronics. Four hundred executives received the 24-question multi-part surveys. There were 84 usable responses, mostly from high level executives, with 71% of those responding being CEO, presidents, vice-presidents, or directors.

Respondents noted supplier roles, as well as the overall pace of change, would continue to increase. They felt some supplier-OEM relationships were too driven by price, but in successful relationships, there was considerable technical expertise and R&D conducted by both parties. They strongly agreed that purchasing electronics in "chunks" improved the product.

Respondents wanted to know what communications standards would be adopted and the nature of government-regulation driver distraction. They noted product plans were most likely to be upset by a more rapid than expected change from internal combustion to alternative power sources and 12 to 42 v systems.

Product features likely to reach 10% market penetration for luxury vehicles in 2004 include built-in wireless phone interfaces, GPS navigation, automatic collision notification, satellite radio, removable media for entertainment and data, email/Internet access, PDA docking station, and adaptive cruise control.

Graphical Abstract (.pdf) | UMTRI-2001-15 Full Report (.pdf)


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