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Page updated August 20, 2008

Contracts with UMTRI

Background on Contracts

Research contracts are developed from discussions between the University and the prospective sponsor. For many large corporations (e.g., GM, Ford, Diamler-Chrysler, Toyota, IBM, Intel) the University has many negotiated contracts in place, and for those organizations, the language from a recent agreement is used for subsequent contracts.

Roundtable Agreements

Where there is no standing agreement, the University uses one of three versions of the "roundtable" agreement as a springboard for discussion. The roundtable agreement was developed jointly by the major research universities and major U.S. industrial organizations as a framework for industry-university research contracts. The three versions are:

1. No Patents.This version is used for funded research activity in which, due to the nature of the effort, there is no there is no opportunity for the development of patentable subject matter.
Download Sample: PDF Word 95/6.0 (.zip) Word 95/6.0 (.sit)
2. No Patentable
Sponsor Input
This version is intended for a situation in which the research effort offers no opportunity for the sponsor to provide patentable input, therefore, the intellectual property disposition only pertains to University Intellectual Property generated in the course of the project.
Download Sample: PDF Word 95/6.0 (.zip) Word 95/6.0 (.sit)
3. Possibility of Joint
Intellectual Property
This version is for intellectual property might be jointly created by the University and the sponsor.
Download Sample: PDF Word 95/6.0 (.zip) Word 95/6.0 (.sit)

Note on Patentable Materials

The Driver Interface Team has never had a project where patentable material was generated by a project. Raising patent issues where they are not appropriate can delay discussions and add significantly to project costs, in part because the indirect cost rate depends on the rights assigned to the University and the sponsor. Questions about contracts, confidentiality, patent rights, and so forth because they are administrative and not technical,
are best discussed with the University lawyers (project representatives) in the Research Administrative Office. Sponsor may find the information on this site concerning nondisclosure agreements to be useful in understanding University policy.