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Page updated August 8, 2013

 Human Factors Short Course Class of 2002 Photos

While the Human Factors Short Course is a 2 week intensive course and much time was spent in the main lecture room (as pictured), we try to keep things interesting by breaking up the day with demonstrations, hands on workshops, and student selected seminars.
Lecture Classroom
Classroom Lecture

In the evenings, tours of the various labs and facilities on and around campus are arranged. This picture was taken at the Business School. The setting allows for a great deal of interaction between students and instructors.

Business School Tour

Occasionally, small groups will work to solve problems discussed in class.
Student Interaction Student Question
Student Interaction Volley Ball at the Picnic

And the Human Factors Short Course just wouldn't be complete without the annual picnic and volley ball game.
Class Picnic Volley Ball at the Picnic
Class Picnic