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Page updated April 31, 2001

Recent Projects - Sound Samples

This page provides a few samples of sound files that were used in a recent project entitled: Listening to Natural and Synthesized Speech while Driving: Effects on User Performance. The sound files were played to participants to examine the effect of message type (navigation, email, news story), voice type (text-to-speech, natural human voice), and earcon cueing on comprehension of messages and on driving performance.

Sound Files

Quicktime (.mov) and Windows Media (.wma) are our recommended sound formats. If you prefer an alternative format, MP3 is available in the second table. Otherwise, you can download a Quicktime Player, Windows Media Player, or MP3 player. If none of the formats work appropriately, please contact us.

To listen to any of the following six sample messages, click on the desired file name in the table.

Quicktime & Windows Media (recommended)



Navigation (92K)
NaviSyn.wma (64K) (92K)
NaviHum.wma (64K)
 Email (952K)
EmailSyn.wma (540K) (908K)
EmailHum.wma (516K)
 News Story (1.8MB)
NewsSyn.wma (704K) (1.7MB)
NewsHum.wma (680K)


Alternative format -- MP3 format





 NaviSyn.mp3 (68K) NaviHum.mp3 (68K)


EmailSyn.mp3 (696K) EmailHum.mp3 (660K)

News Story

 NewsSyn.mp3 (1.3MB) NewsHum.mp3 (1.3MB)

*Note: File needs to be fully downloaded in order to listen to it.


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Download Player

QuickTime Player (0.3MB Mac, 8.3MB Windows)
Windows Media Player (3MB Mac, 9.1MB Windows)
MP3 Players
Audion 1.5 (1.6MB)
MusicMatch JukeBox 1.02 (2.7MB)
SoundJam MP Free 2.5.1 (2.9MB)
Macast Lite 2.1 (1.9MB)
QuickTime Player 4.1.2 (0.3MB)
Winamp 2.65 (2MB)
Sonique 1.808 (2.2MB)
MusicMatch Jukebox 5.10.0149 (6.8MB)
QuickTime Player 4.1.2 (8.3MB)
Windows Media Player (9.1MB)



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Please contact Omer Tsimhoni for further information on this project.