Budget and Finance - Policies and Procedures

People Pay

People Pay

Please refer to the People Pay link for instructions regarding PeoplePay payments. You will need to login in using your login ID and Kerberos password.

e-Pro Requisitions

Please refer to the MyLinc link for instructions regarding creating e-Pro Requisitions for PeoplePay payments.


Travel SPG

The University of Michigan reimburses faculty, staff, and others for reasonable and necessary expenses incurred in connection with approved travel or business hosting on behalf of the University. The University encourages faculty and staff to take advantage of University arranged travel discounts whenever possible. University reimbursement is allowed only when reimbursement has not been and will not be received from any other source. Reimbursement is also permissible for necessary and reasonable travel and Business Hosting Expenses of prospective faculty, staff, officers and students. A necessary and reasonable expense is one for which there exists a clear business purpose and is within University expense policy limitations. Individuals with delegated authority who are authorizing reimbursements are responsible for verifying funding and that expenses are necessary and reasonable.

Establishing policies and procedures for travel and business hosting expenses enables the University to effectively comply with Federal and State regulations. These policies and procedures apply to reimbursements from all University funding sources. The Accounts Payable and Travel Office will maintain current reimbursable rates in the form of a Travel and Business Hosting Expenditure Report checklist, which will be reviewed and updated on January 1 and July 1 each year. More restrictive Travel and Business Hosting Expense policies and procedures mandated by specific programs, schools, departments or offices will take precedence over University policies.

Please refer the division's internal guidelines (P-Card, Financial, etc) for direction as well as to the link to the Standard Practice Guide for Travel and Business Hosting related expenses.


P-Card Guidelines

The P-Card program was designed to reduce the need to use petty cash, improve small dollar purchasing and eliminate the need to request reimbursement for the use of personal funds. The most common use of p-cards is for the purchase of supplies and services (not available through University Market Sites), travel, memberships, dues, conference registration and hosting.

Conflict of Interest

Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Commitment

A potential conflict of interest may result when you allow relationships or activities you have outside the University (friends, family, or other personal relationships) to influence your judgment in doing your job or to influence decisions you make as part of your job.