Budget and Finance - Forms


P-Card Application

Use this form to apply for a University Purchasing Card (P-Card). This form was last updated March 2009.

P-Card Maintenance

Use this form to make changes to the P-Card holder profile (changes to cardholder name, address, account profile, default ShortCode, add/remove Reconciler(s) and Approver(s)). This form was last updated June 1, 2008.

Travel and Business Hosting Expense

This form is an accounting for a trip or hosted event. Note: This form should be used only if the traveler does not have a P-Card. The cover page is a summary and lists the ChartFields to which each major category of expenditures will be charged. Any Travel Advance(s) are also listed on the cover page to ensure the proper reimbursement is made. The second page is a grid to detail each travel expenditure by day and type of expense. The third page is a hosting form to complete when hosting activity must be reimbursed

Exception Memo

Please use the form as documentation to support Concur expense reports if your receipt is missing, illegible, not itemized or if you're seeking reimbursement after the 45 day mark. You should also use this form if there are other circumstances with your expense report that should be documented or explained.

Journal Entry

Journal Entry for PC

Journal Entry for Mac

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Use this template for your journal entry, save and then send the electronic version to Susan Stokes at sbstokes@umich.edu. For upload process, please remember to send hard copy with approval signature as well as any backup documentation which will be sent to Financial Operations with original journal entry.