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Payroll - Policies and Procedures

Time Reporting

This portion of the web site is designed to provide more in depth information in the area of Payroll processing. Here you will find important dates and deadlines. You will also find forms and policies/procedures that deal with payroll issues most commonly encountered by units.

We are responsible for paying our employees in an ACCURATE and TIMELY manner! Timesheets must be entered and approved online by the established
cutoff times in order for this to happen!

  • Bi-Weekly cutoff is 12:00 NOON on Friday of an off pay week.
  • Monthly cutoff is the 3rd business day of the following month.
Note: It is important that hours and exception time are keyed in and approved on time. Late timesheet entry and/or approval will result in incorrect or missing Vacation/Sick time on Leave Balances.

Bi-Weekly Timesheet - Non-Exempt Staff
(includes Temporary and UM Student employees)

  • Pay period is Sunday - Saturday, 2 weeks per timesheet.
  • No timesheet = no pay.
  • Employee enters timesheet hours and exception time no later than 12:00 NOON on Friday of an off pay week.
  • Approvers approve by 10:00 am on Monday of the pay week.

Monthly Timesheet - Exempt Staff

  • Pay period is the first day of the month through the last day of the month.
  • Enter Exception time or NOV (no variance) by Noon on the 3rd business day of the month.
  • Approvers approve by the 5th business day of the following month.

Time Off

Vacation, Sick and Paid Time Off Leave Accrual Schedules

Vacation and Sick Balances

  • Enter Wolverine Access
  • Under "Faculty & Staff" click on "EMPLYEE BUSINESS"
  • Under "Leave Balances" click on "VIEW LEAVE BALANCES"


Subject to regulations prescribed by the University, Regular employees are granted time off work without loss of regular compensation on the following seven (7) University-designated Holidays:

  1. New Year’s Day
  2. Memorial Day
  3. Independence Day
  4. Labor Day
  5. Thanksgiving Day
  6. The day following Thanksgiving
  7. Christmas Day

Saturday-Sunday Holidays

University-designated Holidays will be observed on the calendar day on which each falls, except that a Holiday falling on Sunday will be observed the following Monday and a Holiday falling on Saturday will be observed the preceding Friday. Operating units that have seven (7) day a week operations may observe Saturday and Sunday Holidays on the day on which they fall rather than the preceding Friday or following Monday. This exception should be communicated in writing by the department to employees in the classification(s) affected. A copy of this written communication must be forwarded to the DSA HR Office.

Holiday Substitution

Because other days may be of more significance than a University-designated-Holiday, an employee may substitute up to three days of his/her own choice for any three of the University designated Holidays within the fiscal year in which the University designated Holidays fall. Written notification of substitution(s) must be given by the employee to his/her immediate supervisor on or before July 1st of each fiscal year.

An employee hired after July 1st in the first fiscal year of employment may submit written notification to his/her supervisor no later than 30 days after his/her date of hire. A copy of this written notification must be forwarded to the DSA HR Office.

Season Days

Employees will be granted time off without loss of their regular compensation on four (4) Season Days, subject to regulations prescribed by the University.

The Season Days are the four (4) work days (32 hours) between the days observed as the Christmas and New Year’s holidays.