This portion of the web site is designed to provide more in depth information in the area of Payroll processing. Here you will find important dates and deadlines. You will also find forms and policies/procedures that deal with payroll issues most commonly encountered by units.

We are responsible for paying our employees in an ACCURATE and TIMELY manner! Timesheets must be entered and approved online by the established cutoff times in order for this to happen!

Quick Resources

W-2 Information

Forms W-2 are provided each year by the end of January to all individuals who worked during the previous calendar year.

Using "Employee Business" in Wolverine Access, you may access your Form W-2 information back to calendar year 2001.  If you require a copy of a Form W-2 for a calendar year prior to 2001, please complete a request and submit by fax, mail or in person along with $5.00 per year requested. Request For Copy of Form W-2 & Form 1042S