On Religious Grounds: From Discipline to Disciplinarity in Medieval and Renaissance Studies

University of Michigan, Rackham Assembly Hall, January 29 & 30, 2000

Conference Program :


8:30 Coffee

9:00 AM Introductory Remarks, Carla Mazzio; Keynote, Debora Shuger, "The Rebel Codpiece and the State: From Plato to Shakespeare."

10:30 AM By the Book: Textuality and Cultural Discontinuity

Chair: Linda Gregerson

Peter Stallybrass, "Reading the English Bible: How to Read Discontinuously."

Elizabeth Ingram, "In Borrowed Robes: Religious Discipline and the Making and Marketing of Catholic Bibles in France 1560-1600."

Lori Anne Ferrell, "Refiguring Theology in Early Modern England."

12:00-1:15 PM Lunch Break

1:30 PM Objects and Incarnations: The Making of Community

Chair: John Knott

David Cressy, "Rails, Veils, Seemliness and Discipline."

Arthur Marotti, "The Manuscript Circulation of Catholic Martyrdom Accounts in Early Modern England."

Sara Rubinstein, "Community, Embodiment, and Quaker Women's Preaching."

3:00 PM Acts and Monuments: The Performance of Passion

Chair: Steven Mullaney

Sarah Beckwith, "Medieval Theatres of the Sacrament in York: Penance, Presence, Punishment in the York Trial Plays."

Diane Hughes, "Religious Practice and Social Anachronism: Holy Week Lamentation in Medieval Italy."

Amanda Watson "Performing Sorrow: Melancholia and Reformation Aesthetics in The Winter's Tale."


8:30 AM Coffee

9:00 AM Theology and Desire: The Seductions of Belief

Chair: Gina Bloom

Pat Simons, "Mystic Marriage and Brides of Christ: The case of the 'Lesbian Nun' Benedetta Carlini."

Ashby Kinch, "Dying for Love: Dialogism and Death in the Harley Lyrics."

Louise Stein, "Erato's Songs, Terpsichore's Harp, and the Temptation of St. Jerome."

10:30 AM Icons and Codes: Toward a New Poetics of Religion

Chair: Celeste Brusati

Jack Williamson, "The Role of the Image in Late Medieval Devotional Discipline."

Christopher Olberding, "There's Something About Mary."

Catherine Brown, "Theology, Theory, Incarnation."

12:00-12:30 PM Short Lunch Break (a light lunch provided for all conference participants in Rackham).

12:30-1:30 PM Roundtable--From Discipline to Disciplinarity: Religion in the Humanities Today.

Chair: Michael Schoenfeldt

Participants: Julia Adams (Sociology), James Borders (Music), Celeste Brusati (History of Art), Jonathan Freedman (American Cultures), Linda Gregerson (English), Elliot Ginsburg (Near East Studies, Program on Religion), Diane Hughes (History), Pat Simons (History of Art), Peter Stallybrass (English).

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