faculty interest info : history

Bonner, Michael. Education: Ph.D. Princeton (Near Eastern Studies), 1987.

Fine, John. Education: Ph.D. Harvard, 1969 Field(s) of Study: Medieval and modern Balkans, Byzantium.

Hughes, Diane Owen. Education: Ph.D. Yale, 1967 Field(s) of Study: Medieval and Renaissance; cultural, social, legal.

Kivelson, Valerie A. Education: Ph.D. Stanford, 1988 Field(s) of Study: Early modern Russia, political culture, witchcraft, cartography.

MacDonald, Michael. Education: Ph.D. Stanford, 1979 Field(s) of Study: Early modern Britain; social cultural; mentalities.

Puff, Helmut. Education: Ph.D. Basel University, Switzerland, 1992 Field(s) of Study: Early modern Europe, history of sexuality Other U-M Affiliation: Germanic Languages & Literatures.

Siegmund, Stefanie. Education: Ph.D. Jewish Theological Seminary of America, 1995 Field(s) of Study: Jewish studies, medieval, early modern Europe Other U-M Affiliation: Frankel Center for Judaic Studies.

Squatriti, Paolo. Education: Ph.D. Virginia, 1990 Field(s) of Study: Medieval History Other U-M Affiliation: Romance Languages.

Tentler, Thomas N. Education: Ph.D. Harvard, 1961 Field(s) of Study: Early modern, Reformation, late medieval.

Tonomura, Tomi. Fields of study: medieval and early modern Japan (ca. 13-18th c). Publications: Community and Commerce in Late Medieval Japan (Stanford, 1992); Women and Class in Japanese History (editor; Center for Japanese Studies Publications, 1999) and other articles mostly related to gender and sexuality in Japan. Current work: analyses of Japanese creation myth, construciton of the ideal masculinity in the samurai class, meaning of birth-giving among aristocrats, and women and war during Japan's warring period (16th c).

Van Dam, Raymond. Education: Ph.D. Cambridge Univ., UK, 1977 Field(s) of Study: Roman and Early Medieval.

Wintroub, Michael. Education: Ph.D. UCLA, 1995 Field(s) of Study: Early modern Europe, early modern France, early modern science.

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