• The first place to go for project ideas is the list of Suggested Future Topics on this site. Be sure to look over the "Top Ten Most Wanted List" for some particularly promising ideas.

  • A second source of ideas is the existing projects on the ECE site. You'll often find that reading through someone else's work will spark your own interest in topics that might not have occurred to you otherwise. While you won't want to duplicate another project's topic, you might well stumble upon an intriguing sub-topic that deserves a project of its own.

  • A third way of brainstorming ideas is to look over the course syllabus and think about our readings and discussions to date. What ideas and questions particularly interest you? What puzzles you? What issues and problems pique your curiosity? Which claims need more explanation and support? Often, finding the right topic is a matter of Asking the right questions. Here's a list of questions that can help you generate ideas. (Researchpaper.com) 

  • Once you've found a topic you're interested in, it's time to focus it to a manageable scope. Here's a quick guide to Narrowing your topic. (The English Department at the University of Victoria) 

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