• Bank of England--Financial Advice for Travelers to the 18th Century
    A portal into the 18th Century has been discovered in London and the UN has
    decided that everyone should have the opportunity to use it!  Obviously, there
    are a lot of things to consider before traveling in time.  Be sure to visit our
    website to learn about the financial ramification of your decision and what
    your economic standing will be in the 18th Century.
    (Kate Dillon and Josh Soper)

  • Coffee House Culture
    Our site embodies the Coffee House Culture that boomed in London during the 18th century. The site includes information on four prominent coffee houses, how literature was impacted by coffee houses, the art that was influenced by this coffee house culture, and how coffee houses functioned as educational environments. We invite you to explore our site and enjoy the coffee house culture that was once a very prominent part of social life in London.
    (Stephanie Grynwich and Allison Neal)

  • Coins, Currrency, and Cash in Eighteenth Century England
    You won't mix up your pennies and pounds after a visit to our site on money and wealth in eighteenth century England. Focusing on the individual's relationship with money, this site lets the reader make economic decisions and see their effects, calculate 1700s money into 2003 American dollars, go shopping in an online store, and much more. You'll never look at your farthings the same way again!
    (Andrea East and Michael Richman)

  • The Eighteenth-Century Advertiser
    Don't get left behind in this new commercial age. Join the masses moving up the social ladder: come immerse yourself in the eighteenth-century advertising boom! We offer fascinating advertising news, tips from the stars, and advice from local quacks. We have the information and the products to solve all of life's little problems, from onanism to dull razors. Come visit us! The ECE Advertiser: #1 in advertising news.
    (Nathan Forster, Jennifer Gates, Ursula McTaggart)

  • Eighteenth-Century eBay Project
    At this address you'll find the main page for an online auction house. Items available for bidding include works of literature, food and drink, objects of fine art, forms of popular entertainment, black market goods and other miscellaneous services. You are encouraged to register as a Ye Old eBay user and place bids on whatever items catch your fancy. The details of the site are fairly self-explanatory, but if you have any particular questions, feel free to email our webmaster at gfajuri@umich.edu. Happy bidding!
    (Gabe Fajuri, Chris Cousino, Chris Kula)

  • Female Journalism: From the Eighteenth Century to Today
    This project presents a mock newspaper journal which creatively explores
    eighteenth century journalism, while also comparing it to journalism of the
    modern day. Within this site, comparisons are drawn between the esteemed
    eighteenth century female journalist, ELiza Haywood, with the work of the
    fictitious Sex and the City columnist, Carrie Bradshaw. Just as any women's
    journal of modern-day times, this site incorporates such amenities as a
    "Letters To The Editor" page, as well as a "most Frequently Asked Questions"
    page, creating a fun and unique web experience for every visitor. We hope you
    thoroughly enjoy our site!

    (Chelsea Kroll, Elise Ray, Kara Rosella, and Richard Segal)

  • Multiple Perspectives on Slavery: An Eighteenth Century English Colloquium
    Welcome to 18th Century England's first and only forum on slavery! You are cordially invited to peruse through a variety of perspectives concerning this very controversial issue. We have invited guests to speak about slavery from economic, political, and religious viewpoints. We have also included two galleries in which you may experience the debate in the forms of art, letters, and literature. Join us for this enlightening tour of the controversies surrounding slavery in 18th century England.
    (Stephanie Ash and Stephen Lund)

  • Shopping in the Eighteenth Century--A Shopkeeper's Perspective
    Become a pro at navigating through the shopping districts of Eighteenth-Century London. Listen as a London shopkeeper shares the secrets of shopping, London's newest form of leisure entertainment. Learn where to go and what to buy, and if you're nice, he might even give you a deal on some of his merchandise!
    (Alissa Malzman, Allison Richard, Jessica Sommerville)

  •  Slavery in Eighteenth Century England
    This website explores the topic of slavery during eighteenth-century England from the historical beginnings to the inevitable end. This website provides an in-depth analysis of slave narratives by authors such as Oloudah Equiano and Phyllis Wheatley. There is also an analysis of different movies, such as Amistad, as well as how the laws in England affected slavery.
    (London Bell, Tene Jackson, Erica Major, and Turkessa Baldridge)


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