• Bank of England--Financial Advice for Travelers to the 18th Century
    A portal into the 18th Century has been discovered in London and the UN has
    decided that everyone should have the opportunity to use it!  Obviously, there
    are a lot of things to consider before traveling in time.  Be sure to visit our
    website to learn about the financial ramification of your decision and what
    your economic standing will be in the 18th Century.
    (Kate Dillon and Josh Soper)

  • Clothing Chronicles
    Through this website we will explore the clothing of the upper class in eighteenth-century England. This site is set up to look at the clothing of children, women, and men. As you visit each of the pages, notice the picture to the left of the title. Click on this picture to read a summary about that particular section. Then read the story, click on the links, and find out more about the meaning behind various articles of clothing.
    (Katie Kalis, Whitney Roberts)

  • Coaches and Carriages
    This site offers a close examination of the preferred mode of transportation in the eighteenth century. You have a chance to learn about everything from the decorations of the carriages of the time to the many different types. And make sure to take some time to build your own carriage. Whether you are interested in how the culture of carriages is expressed in literature of the time or you have a general interest in transportation of the time this site is for you.
    (Amy Anderson, Chad O'Neil)

  • Coins, Currrency, and Cash in Eighteenth Century England
    You won't mix up your pennies and pounds after a visit to our site on money and wealth in eighteenth century England. Focusing on the individual's relationship with money, this site lets the reader make economic decisions and see their effects, calculate 1700s money into 2003 American dollars, go shopping in an online store, and much more. You'll never look at your farthings the same way again!
    (Andrea East and Michael Richman)

  • Drink in Eighteenth-Century England
    This web page deals with drinks in 18th century England, primarily beer, ale and gin. It also discusses taverns and pubs, the influences they had on social behavior, their architecture, and what types of people went there.
    (Melissa Fusco, Natalie Lyon, and Dan Henig)

  • Eighteenth-Century eBay Project
    At this address you'll find the main page for an online auction house. Items available for bidding include works of literature, food and drink, objects of fine art, forms of popular entertainment, black market goods and other miscellaneous services. You are encouraged to register as a Ye Old eBay user and place bids on whatever items catch your fancy. The details of the site are fairly self-explanatory, but if you have any particular questions, feel free to email our webmaster at gfajuri@umich.edu. Happy bidding!
    (Gabe Fajuri, Chris Cousino, Chris Kula)

  • Eighteenth-Century Food: An Upper-Class English Dining Experience
    Eighteenth-century England was immersed in elaborate ritual. The food itself may not have been spectacular, but the ceremony of the dining experience was as important (if not more important) than the quality of the food. The delights and disasters surrounding the meals of the wealthy are revealed in:'Destination: Eighteenth Century Food (An Upper-Class English Dining Experience)'.
    (Sarah Janoch, Kimberly Kochanek, and Carrie Mleczko)

  • Enlightened Elegance
    This website is an 18th century English fashion magazine, entitled "Enlightened Elegance". It's the special "Century" edition, reviewing fashion trends throughout the 18th century. The articles include: An in-depth look at changes in the dress during this time period, a list of top ten accessories from the century, fashion tips, a description of the in-depth look at changes in the dress during this time period, a list of top ten accessories from the century, fashion tips, a description of the era's outerwear, and discussion of trends in wigs, hats, and hairstyles. Pictures placed on the cover and within each article offer illustration of all different styles. Links to the bibliography and glossary provide definitions and source information.
    ( Jean Lee, Jay Cantin, Missy Mares, Jessica Hallmark)

  • Growing Up Eighteenth-Century Syle
    Growing Up Eighteenth-Century Style is a website that explores what it was like for children to grow up during that period. With four fictional characters, this site explores how different life was for boys and girls, as well as upper-class and lower-class. Meet George Moneybags IV, Titania Blueblood, Tim Oliver, and Pamela Pinch and learn about their families, education, and ways to have fun!
    (Katie Bondy and Grace Edwards)

  • Martial Arts and Culture
    Imagine the 18th Century, a time when a man would stop at no length to defend his gentlemanly honor and preserve the good name of his family regardless of his social standing. Now extend your imagination and envision yourself as such a man . . .
    (Derek Arciniaga, Sopheana Duch, Nancy Westgate)

  • Print Culture in Eighteenth-Century England
    In this web site, bookseller Jacob Tonson guides you through his book shop and the world of print culture in eighteenth-century England. At his shop, you can explore genres of eighteenth-century writing, chat with him about bookselling in the eighteenth century, and take a survey about what kind of materials you may like to read. Considering the enormous growth of print culture in England during the eighteenth century, Tonson's shop is a great place for exploration, education, and enjoyment.
    (Molly Kennedy, Deonna Labert, John Schietinger)




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