These student projects exemplify an exceptionally high standard of research, original interpretation, and innovative, attractive design.

  • The Eighteenth-Century Advertiser
    Don't get left behind in this new commercial age. Join the masses moving up the social ladder: come immerse yourself in the eighteenth-century advertising boom! We offer fascinating advertising news, tips from the stars, and advice from local quacks. We have the information and the products to solve all of life's little problems, from onanism to dull razors. Come visit us! The ECE Advertiser: #1 in advertising news.
    (Nathan Forster, Jennifer Gates, Ursula McTaggart)

  • Eighteenth-Century Food: An Upper-Class English Dining Experience
    Eighteenth-century England was immersed in elaborate ritual. The food itself may not have been spectacular, but the ceremony of the dining experience was as important (if not more important) than the quality of the food. The delights and disasters surrounding the meals of the wealthy are revealed in: Eighteenth Century Food: An Upper-Class English Dining Experience.
    (Sarah Janoch, Kimberly Kochanek, and Carrie Mleczko)

  • The English Bride: The Eighteenth-Century Gentlewoman's Guide to Marriage
    Our site is designed to resemble a bridal magazine in which we include many interesting pictures, articles, and other extras about marriage in eighteenth-century England. The bridal magazine was merely a way to present the information that we had in a creative and fun way. We hope you enjoy it!
    (Ani Shehigian, Emily Fox, and Karolyn Kokko)
  • An Exploration of John Gay's The Beggar's Opera
    This website provides musical, theatrical, and historical background on John Gay's The Beggar's Opera, which was a ground-breaking work of its time. Gay broke the mold by popularizing the "ballad opera" form, poking fun at Italian opera. The work was a huge success at its first performance in 1728 and continues to delight audiences today.
    (Donna Bareket, Deborah Selig, and Anne Lauckner)
  • Issuing Her Own: The Female Tatler
    A survey of the eighteenth-century periodical the Female Tatler, this site explores a variety of issues surrounding both its production and consumption including marketing, publication history, and the various themes discussed by the periodical itself. Enter this site and experience the literary life of an eighteenth-century reader . . .
    (Latha Reddy and Rebecca Gershenson Smith)

  • Join the British Army!
    A narrative survey of the average infantry soldier's experience in the British Army of the eighteenth century. Packed with informative presentations of social, cultural and military history, the site guides you through musty barracks, bloody battles, rowdy drinking sessions, and endless marches to give you a pleasant (or more accurately, unpleasant) overview of the Eighteenth Century soldier's life.
    (Adi Neuman, Yoni Brenner)

  • Last Mile Tours: The Execution of Capital Punishment in Eighteenth Century England
    Our site is in the format of a tour of Death Row at Newgate Prison in London. We introduce several criminals, in a first-person adapted interview, based on actual historical accounts of their lives, crimes, and punishments. We offer more in-depth information and analysis of the types of crimes they committed and related laws. We offer background information on the Bloody Code, types of punishments, conditions at Newgate Prison, and pardons. We aim to be both informative and entertaining.
    (Margaret Hope Allen, Bonnie D. Bonifield, Mandy R. Taylor)
  • A Literary Tour of Eighteenth-Century London
    This site offers a jaunty tour of the bohemian subcultures that flourished in 18th-century London. It features brothels, executions, coffee houses, and Samuel Johnson. Hop in the carriage and check it out, or use the city map to choose the most intriguing haunts...
    (Carolyn Jacobs & Kelcie Haas)
  • Make Your Way as a Woman in Eighteenth-Century England
    As a woman in England during the 18th century, you must make several choices about your life. You will need to decide whether or not you would like to remain single or get married, become a wife or a mother, even whether or not you would like to become a domestic servant or a prostitute. As you navigate through these choices you will learn more about the different roles that women performed during this period.
    (Lora David and Carrie S. Bryant)

  • Multiple Perspectives on Slavery: An Eighteenth Century English Colloquium
    Welcome to 18th Century England's first and only forum on slavery! You are cordially invited to peruse through a variety of perspectives concerning this very controversial issue. We have invited guests to speak about slavery from economic, political, and religious viewpoints. We have also included two galleries in which you may experience the debate in the forms of art, letters, and literature. Join us for this enlightening tour of the controversies surrounding slavery in 18th century England.
    (Stephen Lund and Stephanie Ash)

  • Perspectives on Children: Children's Literature in the Eighteenth Century
    This website examines children's literature in England's 18th Century in order to elucidate the manner in which adults perceived their children. It begins by outlining the major philosophies that influenced society's perception of children, and then goes on to show the ways in which children's literature reinforced the ideals and social standards of the time.
    (Jean Wong, Jocelyn Kim, and Andrew Wong)

  • Secret Society of British Gentlewomen
    Women in the Eighteenth Century sure could have used an underground information site like this one. Here you can find out why they needed such resources, how women writers of the time were making strides in women's position, and how friendship became an important part of all of this. Read some of the works of Eliza Haywood, Delarivier Manley, and Katherine Philip, explore the challenges of female friendship, and get educated about women--The Secret Society of British Gentlewomen has all that and more!
    (Noel Rozny and Margaret Vincent)

  • A Trial of Two Centuries
    This website places violent entertainment of the Eighteenth Century on trial. The opening page draws the viewer into a courtroom scene, with the 20th-century prosecutor about to begin his opening statement. The Prosecution attempts to prove the inhumanity and injustice endemic to Eighteenth-century violent entertainment, while the Defense attempts to introduce Eighteenth-century violent entertainment as a phenomena that transcends cultural and temporal categories. The four forms of entertainment being discussed include public execution, humans against animals, animals against animals, and popular "bloody sports" of the day.
    (Jason Winokur and Lara Zydor)


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