• The Eighteenth-Century Crime Project
    Framed as the journal entries of three missing students, the site examines crime and punishment in eighteenth-century England. Specifically, it looks at petty theft, sex crimes (prostitution and rape), and prisons. The opening animation will automatically take you to the main page when it is finished, or you can just skip it with the link at the bottom.
    (CJ Munoz, Samantha Gerlach, Meghan Jernigan)

  • Exploring Eighteenth Century England with William Hogarth
    William Hogarth’s wide interest in the society and politics that surrounded
    him, as well as his artistic talents, allowed him to produce works which
    capture the essence of eighteenth century British society with extreme
    precision.  As a result, his art today not only provides aesthetic
    pleasures, but aids its viewers with the exploration of many complex themes
    of the time period.  Among the many ideas explored by Hogarth’s work were:
    prostitution, the opposing views of the city, and British politics.

    (Maria Baldysz and Lindsy Katoch)

  • Explore the Life of an 18th Century English Criminal
    This interactive journey requires its visitors to be very active in their participation and thoughtful in their choices. As you begin to make decisions, the interactive journey will be customized for you. Learn about crime in 18th Century England by experiencing the life of a criminal.
    (Tom Aronson, Sam Ellis, Heidi Isaacs, Adriane Magidson)
  • Join the British Army!
    A narrative survey of the average infantry soldier's experience in the British Army of the eighteenth century. Packed with informative presentations of social, cultural and military history, the site guides you through musty barracks, bloody battles, rowdy drinking sessions, and endless marches to give you a pleasant (or more accurately, unpleasant) overview of the Eighteenth Century soldier's life.
    (Adi Neuman, Yoni Brenner)

  • Last Mile Tours: The Execution of Capital Punishment in Eighteenth Century England
    Our site is in the format of a tour of Death Row at Newgate Prison in London. We introduce several criminals, in a first-person adapted interview, based on actual historical accounts of their lives, crimes, and punishments. We offer more in-depth information and analysis of the types of crimes they committed and related laws. We offer background information on the Bloody Code, types of punishments, conditions at Newgate Prison, and pardons. We aim to be both informative and entertaining.
    (Margaret Hope Allen, Bonnie D. Bonifield, Mandy R. Taylor)

  • Mary Wollstonecraft: The Political as Personal
    This webpage is devoted to the politics of Mary Wollstonecraft, feminist author of the 18th-Century. Unlike other Wollstonecraft websites, however, this homepage has a specific focus centering on the personal application of her philosophies and politics to her very own life.
    (Dorothy McGivney, Jennifer Ellis, and Jennifer Mahler)

  • Penal Reform in Eightennth-Century England
    This project explores the effects of Enlightenment thought on the theory and practice of judicial punishment in England. Information is provided on a number of the key advocates of penal reform as well as the culture of crime and punishment in their time.
    (Lizzie Lane and Christine McIntyre)


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