• The Beggar's Opera
    This website provides musical, theatrical, and historical background on John Gay's The Beggar's Opera, which was a ground-breaking work of its time. Gay broke the mold by popularizing the "ballad opera" form, poking fun at Italian opera. The work was a huge success at its first performance in 1728 and continues to delight audiences today.
    (Donna Bareket, Anne Eisendrath, and Deborah Selig)

  • Coffee House Culture
    Our site embodies the Coffee House Culture that boomed in London during the 18th century. The site includes information on four prominent coffee houses, how literature was impacted by coffee houses, the art that was influenced by this coffee house culture, and how coffee houses functioned as educational environments. We invite you to explore our site and enjoy the coffee house culture that was once a very prominent part of social life in London.
    (Stephanie Grynwich and Allison Neal)

  • Eighteenth-Century Blood Sports
    The website is about 18th century blood sports, including bull-baiting, stick-fighting, and cock-fighting. It gives the historical background, popular opinion, and instructions on how to play each game. It also includes the reactions of the church and women towards these violent sports.
    (Darcell Sutika, Tiffany Mitchell, and April Slater)

  • Eighteenth-Century Leisure
    This page provides insight into leisure activities of an 18th century, upper-class woman, focusing on her diet, her embroidery and millinery activities, the role of music in her domestic life, and the pleasure gardens she would have attended. It discusses class distinctions and the general expectations of an upper-class woman. The page also includes recipes, maps, art and music of the period. References are made to the works of 18th century authors such as Jane Austen, Daniel Defoe, and Fanny Burney.
    (Courtney Dwight, Adrea Korthase, and Amoreena Gozales-Ralya)

  • Fair Experience
    Our web page is intended to take our viewers through an in-depth and comprehensive tour of what it was like to attend the popular fairs of 18th Century England. Our tour stops at three fairs, the Southwark Fair, the May Fair, and the Bartholomew Fair. Included are various other stops to examine "Who's Who at the Fair," "Sexuality at the Fairs," and "Sights and Sounds of the Fairs." Our journey includes visits with three- breasted ladies, Centaurs, and eight-foot tall women, making this a journey one will not likely forget. (Brad Haudan, Maribeth Sitkowski, and Sarah Skow)

  • Mass Entertainment
    Do you ever wonder how the English entertained themselves during the 18th century? Probably not, but if you do wonder and desire the knowledge of these pasttimes...then do you we have a web-site for you. Our mass entertainmetn site will give you an introspection into a day at the May Day fest or what constituted a freak show at a local fair, or the glory of a ballad. So check our site and all the wonders of 18th century England will appear right before your eyes.
    (Lara Grenn, Ryan Bocskay, Gabriel Burnstein, Jennifer Hickey)

  • Perspectives on Theatre Culture: Early Theatre in England (1660-1737)
    The Early Theatre of England was a period of innovation, drama, intellecualism, and inspiration. Creativity flourished in eclectic forms, as brilliant playwrights, directors, and actors brought the wonder of literature to life. Come join us on an exhilirating tour through the world of Early English Theatre!
    (Jason Storey, Gillian Knoll, Lonnie Schwartz)

  • Restoration Theater: Town and Country
    Within the pages of Town and Country you will find an insider's guide to Restoration Theater. You will learn of the foils and follies of writers such as George Etherege, actesses such as Elizabeth Barry, and of course you will learn how to correctly comb your periwig. Town and Country brings you the latest gossip surrounding this socially influential form of entertainment, gossip that will make sure you are laughing along with the crowd.
    (Greg Deutch, Rebecca Karp)

  • Shopping in the Eighteenth Century--A Shopkeeper's Perspective
    Become a pro at navigating through the shopping districts of Eighteenth-Century London. Listen as a London shopkeeper shares the secrets of shopping, London's newest form of leisure entertainment. Learn where to go and what to buy, and if you're nice, he might even give you a deal on some of his merchandise!
    (Alissa Malzman, Allison Richard, Jessica Sommerville)

  • A Trial of Two Centuries
    This website places violent entertainment of the Eighteenth century on trial. The opening page draws the viewer into a courtroom scene, with the 20th century prosecutor about to begin his opening statement. The Prosecution attempts to prove the inhumanity and injustice endemic to eighteenth century violent entertainment, while the Defense attempts to introduce eighteenth century violent entertainment as a phenomena that transcends cultural and temporal categories. The four forms of entertainment being discussed include public execution, humans against animals, animals against animals, and popular "bloody sports" of the day.
    (Jason Winokur and Lara Zydor)

  • The World Upside Down: Eighteenth Century Masquerades
    It features the history and background of the English masquerade along with its customs and social implications. The site contains both entertaining and informative elements.
    (Amy Hees, Steven Porentas, Ismat Mangla, Libby Reece )


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