• The Best Home Remedies of 1700
    If you are feeling ill, mentally or physically, read this handy remedies booklet, with recipes for antidotes, advice from the famous, and overall general knowledge about medical problems.
    (John A. Bakos, Antoinette S. Gilbert, Tracy L. Heck, Stacy J. Tiderington)

  • Here's to your Health: a Trip to an Eighteenth-Century Hospital
    This Website invites you to travel to an 18th century hospital as a patient. In the waiting room of The Porter Institute of Health, you can explore the availability of medicine during the time period as well as our staff qualifications and personal biographies. As soon as a doctor is available he or she will assess your symptoms and prescribe a treatment based on 18th century medicine. Upon checkout, the staff will equip you with case studies to assure you of our assessment.
    (Charles Chen, Jen Fish, Kate Kammeraad and Nika Schulte)


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