Modern Day Equivalents



The modern day equivalent of bull-baiting would be bull-fighting. Instead of throwing dogs into the air, these modern day bulls throw barrels, clowns, and matadors. If you would like to check out bull-baitings modern day equivalent please click here. If you want to see the history of the sport, click here.





There is no definite equivalent to cock-fighting today, however, there continue to be sports where animals are abused. There are still cock-fighting competitions being held internationally although it is illegal in the United States. To see an international cockfighting page click here. This link shows examples of the types of cocks being bred and in what countries this breeding occurs. There are special notations made for the champions among the cocks which suggests that they have not abolished these types of competitions.



As I stated earlier, prize-fighting did not fizz out. Many of the characteristics of this sport can be found in modern day boxing and wrestling. These sports are much safer than prizefighting was, and definitely more commercialized. To see a page on modern boxing click here.


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