Little Tom skips off and thinks,

"According to Rousseau, childhood is a precious time full of purity and goodness. Civilization will corrupt me. What better idea then to go into the forest and be one with nature."

As Little Tom wends his way into the deep forest a noise catches his attention. He can hear a little boy yelling very loudly. Little Tom follows the noise and through the branches of a bush he catches sight of something horrible. A scruffy and ragged boy is jumping up and down on top of a nest of robin eggs.

Little Tom leaps from behind the bush and rescues the few remaining eggs. Meanwhile, Mrs. Robin has heard the pitiful crunching of eggshells and wreaks vengeance on the little hoodlum.

"Caw! Caw! I'll get you!" She angrily screams and swoops down to peck at the boy's arms and face.

"Please Mrs. Robin do not hurt him. He is a poor, uneducated village boy. I have rescued your remaining eggs. You have already exacted your revenge." Little Tom begs of the irate mother.

"You are a good and noble boy, Little Tom. Someday you will grow up to be a fine moral gentleman. Always remember the animals." Then, Mrs. Robin picks up her nest with her claws and flies away, but not before leaving a nasty present for the mischief-maker.

Little Tom waves good bye, "So long Mrs. Robin."

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