Word Definition
barouche four-wheeled hooded carriage
berlin four-wheeled covered carriage
britska open four-wheeled carriage
brouette small two-wheeled carriage
brougham one-horse closed carriage
cabriolet A gig that was open, but had a hood to protect the passangers from the weather.
calash light low-wheeled carriage with folding top
cariole light open carriage
caroche stately carriage used on ceremonial occasions
carriage A wheeled vehicle, especially a four-wheeled horse-drawn passenger vehicle, often of an elegant design.
chaise light open carriage for one or two people
clarence four-wheeled carriage
coach A large, closed, four-wheeled carriage with an elevated exterior seat for the driver
curricle A light, open carriage with one seat and two wheels, and pulled by two horses abreast.
dennet light two-wheeled carriage
dÈsobligeante carriage for one passenger
droskhy low four-wheeled open carriage
ekka small one-horse carriage
fiacre hackney coach; cab
fourgon baggage-wagon
Gig A light, open carriage with one seat and two wheels, pulled by one horse.
hansom light two-wheeled cab
herdic low-hung carriage with back entrance
landau horse-drawn carriage with folding top
Landaulet A convertible chariot with only one seat and four wheels, pulled by any number of horses.
phaeton open four-wheeled carriage
quadriga two-wheeled carriage drawn by four horses
shandry light cart on springs
sociable four-wheeled open carriage with side-seats
spider light high-wheeled carriage
stanhope light open one-seated carriage
surrey light four-wheeled carriage with two seats
tarantas four-wheeled carriage mounted on poles
telega four-wheeled springless wagon
tilbury light open two-wheeled carriage
tonga light two-wheeled carriage
troika carriage drawn by three horses
vettura carriage, cab or car
victoria light open two-seated four-wheeled carriage
vis-a-vis light carriage with seats facing one another