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It’s another Friday night and you have your usual date with Ben and Jerry.  You’re single and in your prime, but you’re just not winning the dating game.  The bars are too crowded and you’re tired of playing the scene just to go home alone frustrated and depressed.  You’re beginning to wonder if there really is anyone out there for you, and you’re losing faith fast.  You can’t muster up the energy to try any more, because you’ve tried it all: blind dates, dating services, personal ads, and even friendly approaches to that cute girl at the gym or the hot guy at the lunch counter.  It doesn’t matter—nothing works. 

        Millions of Americans are wandering single, looking for that special someone.  They feel just as you do, and they’ve tried just as hard as you have.  Don’t give up!  Your special someone is out there and having as much difficulty as you are!  But how can you connect when neither of you can handle the modern singles scene?

We have your solution right here, with a back-to-basics approach at love.  Ever wonder what it was like to date and marry in simpler times?  Well wonder no more because here at the Last-Ditch-Effort Singles Network, we provide you with all the information you need to find a proper mate and settle down the way it was meant to be: it's time to take a tip or two from our ancestors in Stuart and Georgian England!

    That’s right—eighteenth century English courtship was a successful method of finding a partner. So successful, in fact, that the explicit conduct manuals and how-to guides of the eighteenth century still survive today and can provide you with all the necessary skills to not only find appropriate dates and mates, but to be so successful in your endeavors that you’ll eventually have your pick from several prospects!  We guarantee that everything old is new again, and that these time-tested methods will turn you into the desirable lady or gentleman you were meant to be.  If you’re one of the many that have nothing to lose, take a risk and see what the past can offer you…


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Mike Breymann and Jessica Coen

English 430, Prof. David Porter

December 4, 2000

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