You Have Chosen to Commit the Crime of Poaching

You are an agricultural laborer living in a small cottage with your wife and two children on the property of a large estate in Stratfordshire. Times are difficult for you and your family. Your pay has gone down recently and you struggle to put food on the table. Your boss, a wealthy and respected landowner, seems generally uninterested in your plight. "It is a difficult time for all of us," he notes. You are not so convinced he is faced with the same problems, however.

In order to provide your family with food, you decide to poach a deer on the property. There are plenty around, and besides, the game laws are completely ridiculous and the most ignored set of laws in England. On the flip side, they are the most carefully patrolled laws in England and are punished harshly. The wealthy, it seems, prefer to have the right to hunt all to themselves (10).

You mull over your options and decide you have a choice of hunting at night, with less chance of being seen, or hunting during the day. The trade-off being that poaching for deer at night sometimes brings the death penalty (10)! Do you: