You join a ship that smuggles tea, brandy, spirits, rum, tobacco stalks, snuff, and opium—all products with high tariffs. As you were once a fisherman, you are unwise to the ways of this type of vessel. As you and your fellow shipmates must dodge and duck any other approaching ships, steering the vessel is much harder than you expected. One day, while elected to steer, you are not aware of an approaching ship—it’s the Royal Navy coming after you…Oh No! They seize the ship, confiscate all of the smuggled goods, and arrest the captain and crew. You are taken to Newgate Prison to await your trial.

At Newgate Prison you wait for your trial. Fortunately for you, there is only one week until the twice yearly assize convenes where you will receive your trial by jury. (cite) Conditions in the prison are atrocious--disease and rat infested. A painful week passes and you are brought privately before the grand jury.

The grand jury does not take long to decide there is ample evidence to support an indictment. You and your fellow crew will go publicly before a judge and jury.

The trial is brief. The captain of the Royal Navy ship testifies to your crime of smuggling goods. You are not even afforded time to speak. The jury is dismissed to deliberate and you await your judgment.