You Have Chosen to Become a Vagrant

Constantly battling to maintain economic stability, and keep from starving, you are the owner of a small piece of land in northern England. In tough times, such as they are now, you hire yourself off as a field hand on other farms. However, this year has seen the worst harvest in recent memory and many are walking the fine line between poverty and indigence.

You are no exception to the rising unemployment--after paying your land tax, rents to the landlord, and interest on your loans, you are left with nothing and are forced to sell your land (1). Tired of your lowly plot in life where years of hard work and toil have failed to provide any sense of stability, you decide your state is hopeless. Hungry and cold, you have a choice to make. Under the England Poor Laws, the only way you can get help from society is through your local parish (2). If you leave your parish's jurisdiction, you are on your own. So, it is either stay and beg, or go and become a vagrant and press your luck elsewhere—either one is a punishable offense.