Ready, Set, Accessorize!

The century's hippest little extras



It's all in the details. Stylin' men and women all over England have toted the snuffbox for years, but to be truly in vogue, a gal must explore the rest of the world of accessories.

Here are the TOP 10 most modish fashion accents of the 18th century for both ladies and gentlemen.


1. Muffs


These cozy pockets can be attached to the outside of a cloak or overcoat to keep hands warm. They are acceptable made of kid or lace, and French designers have been experimenting with embroidery.



2. Masks

A lady must protect her delicate and pale complexion from the sun, wind and elements. A small "loo mask" may help! Masks are also handy for a naughty night out, at a masquerade.



3. Parasols

Bring on the chinoiserie! We at Enlightened Elegance adore those charming parasols, for shade, or just for fun!



4. Fans

Folding fans can be the most beautiful part of a woman's wardrobe. If you're a wealthy gentlewoman, you can have yours painted by a famous artist! Otherwise, plain ones of stretched silk are also found.

Try a traditional fan (right) or a more colorful and modern one (left).



5. Handkerchiefs

Lace edging a must! The colors most attractive for our Age of Rococo are pale, flowery colors, like pastels. Your beau may demand a darker jewel tone.



6. Pipes


What sophisticated gentleman is without his pipe for an after-dinner smoke? These can be plain or ornate, depending on the amount of dough you want to spend.




7. Gems

One way to up the elegance on any accessory is to add tons of sparkly gems! We love them on hairpins, jewelry, and the fashionable chatelaine. Ease your fashion angst with a jeweled snuffbox--a must!






8. Canes

With a round, decorative top, one shouldn't walk anywhere with our

his or her walking stick, even if it never touches the ground!


9. Dress Swords

No gentleman is formally dressed without his dress-sword. Make sure its sheathed! For extra style, make sure the sheath sticks out in back between the coattails.



10. Watches

Men and women of the century favor watches on long chains at the waist.


Often modish men's clothing has a fob pocket at the waist. What a trendy time!


 -Melissa Mares, Fashion Editor

Enlightened Elegance

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