About the Authors

This website was created by Brad Haudan, Maribeth Sitkowski, and Sarah Skow, students of David Porter's English 430 class: "Rise of the Novel," at the University of Michigan (Winter 2002).  The class examined eighteenth century English novels in their social and historical contexts; Daniel Defoe's Roxana, Samuel Richardson's Pamela, Henry Fielding's Joseph Andrews, Lawrence Sterne's Tristram Shandy, and Francis Burney's Evelina, all helped shed light upon the atmosphere that spawned what we know as the modern novel. We hope that this web site helps shed light upon how eighteenth century English fairs spawned what we know as modern fairs and carnivals!!  We hope that we've been helpful. 

Bartholomew Fair, Bartholomew Green 2001

Special Thanks to Dr. David Porter for his in-depth criticism and much insightful comments. Additionally, Special Thanks to our "Web Consultant" Mr. James B. Mitchell for all of his guidance, patience, and instruction.
Also, thanks to Mr. Mark Chaffee of the Special Collections Library at the University of Michigan.
This project would not have been possible without your know-how and senses of humor. Thank you, a million times over!

This website was completed on April 22, 2002.




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