Firenze is enchanting! Notorious for its fine hospitality and great society, Florence draws travelers from all over the world. Tourists flock to view churches, museums, operas, and palaces; the treasures of Firenze are never-ending. Specific tourist attractions include the Boboli gardens, which are considered some of the most magnificent gardens in all of Italy.The Uffizi Gallery is the first art gallery and public museum in the world; Donatello's famous David can be found here.



The Medici family ruled Florence throughout the 15th and 16th centuries. The Medici Chapel and San Lorenzo, where Michelangelo houses some of his masterpieces are two commonly visited sites in the city. Chariot races in the Piazza di Santa Maria Novella provide entertainment. Musicians and artists tend to spend more time in Florence studying the works of world-renowned masters of the arts. Also, be sure not to leave Firenze without time allocated to shopping. Many tourists enjoy paintings, amber, velvet, and silk.

The most popular inns in Florence are The Duke of Florence Hotel and Charles Hadfield¹s on the left bank of the Arno opposite Palazzo Corsini. Hadfield¹s inn is recognized as a meeting place for British countrymen and socializing is a constant within the inn. Although Florence boasts many indescribable tourist attractions, the city unfortunately possesses a few disadvantages as well.


"There were disadvantages to life in Florence, though, as elsewhere. For instance, women, never much in evidence in other Italian towns, were Œalmost invisible¹; and the nobility, while polite enough to foreigners, rarely ‹ despite Mann¹s relentless activities ‹ asked a Tourist to anything more exciting than a card party or a conversazione at which lemonade, coffee or tea would be served with ice cream."

As evident, Florentines do not go out of their way to include or welcome tourists within their social circles.

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