Tourists who choose to visit Germany, which only a few do, will recognize many similarities between English and German cultural beliefs and religion. In fact, many English travelers choose to spend Christmas with Germans. Germany does not receive the popular reputation among tourists in comparison to Italy and France. Transportation in Germany sends many tourists into an uproar. The country is infamous for its terrible road condition. In 1753, the first road was constructed in Germany; therefore, Germany remains behind most civilized European countries regarding transportation. Almost all tourists are unhappy and dissatisfied with travel in Germany via carriage. However, robberies and murders are less common in comparison to other countries while traveling on the roads. German political conditions are also a hindrance to many tourists. Some believe that passing through Germany is equivalent to passing through a country that is at least a century behind the rest of Europe.

The hotels throughout Germany are also behind in comparison to other European countries. Most inns are dirty, dreary, and the foul smell of animals permeates the inns. One is lucky to receive food and clean straw on which to sleep. In some cases, there are no chimneys or private bedrooms. The rooms have broken windows and in some cities, animals are known to sleep in rooms with the travelers. However, in two big cities, Munich and Berlin, respectable inns exist. In Munich, tourists are attracted to the splendor of the buildings and the Elector’s Palace. Berlin is unpleasant in the summer, has acquired a wretched stench, and the road conditions are so bad that even walking is painful for many tourists. Not only are the roads and lodging inadequate because of the poor political accommodations, but the rainy, cold and windy weather contribute to the dismal traveling conditions.

The German staple food is the potato. Germans also enjoy salted bacon, brown bread, and black sausage, always accompanied by beer. Germans eat a hearty diet, consisting of beef, mutton, dried fish, fowls, and venison.

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