Welcome to beautiful Italy in the 18th century! Italy is one of the most visited and traveled countries of the Grand Tour. Italy’s enchantment lies within its art culture, specifically opera, theatre, architecture, paintings, and sculptures. Italyıs warm climate makes it an ideal country for many English travelers. Tourists are influenced by their date of arrival due to the season of the year and the Italian sun. Summer heat and the onset of malaria near Rome are reasons many tourists visit Italy in the winter. Also, many tourists worry about ideal traveling companions, where and when to meet friends, and personal desires to attend specific events.

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Many cities within Italy gain the respect and interest of British travelers due to a plethora of tourist attractions. However, traveling through the Alps to Turin is not always an easy feat for many travelers. The roads in Northern Italy through Genoa, Milan, and Venice are in bad condition. Yet, the roads are adequate in comparison to the German roads, especially major, frequently traveled routes. Naturally, less traveled roads in the countryside and less populated areas are less accommodating to travelers.

British travelers will especially enjoy the Italian cuisine and upscale accommodations. Italians eat a large variety of pasta including lasagna, ravioli, penne, spaghetti, and rigatoni. These pastas are flavored with meat sauces, cheeses, fish, pesto, oil, garlic, or vegetables. In every Italian meal bread is a staple and to enrich the flavor of the meal, red wine is served for lunch and dinner. Usually, every large Italian meal begins with an antipasto and ends with dessert such as gelato. Unlike English meals, the Italian cuisine is limited in the amount of meat presented with each meal. Therefore, be prepared to acquire a taste for meats such as small birds, porcupine, pigeon meat, sausage, fried frogs, and boiled snails. Italians eat their large meal in the later afternoon hours or early evening. This provides the traveler with an opportunity to socialize with the locals and enriches the social aspect of the traveler’s education. Italian food is considered some of the best for British travelers due to delectable dining with limited amount of grease and ample flavor.

Hotels and lodging throughout Italy are on the average the best accommodations throughout the continent. Although the hotels are expensive, they provide the traveler with a good nightıs rest, clean linens, good service, and a comfortable environment. For example, La Casa Guarneri in Rome located near the Spanish Steps provides elegant rooms equivalent to an apartment with many windows. The White Cross is also considered a pristine hotel for travelers who desire an upscale lodging experience. The hotel boasts large windows, balconies, and marble floors in each room.

Although Italy boasts many positive and few negative aspects for many tourists, danger does lurk within many cities. Italy remains largely unaffected by international conflict or war. Therefore, many tourists and participants of the Grand Tour continue to travel throughout Italy during this century, the 18th century. Yet, in 1730 a threat of war arises in Italy and many travelers worry over the possibility of war. Also, the Spanish Inquisition has brought many soldiers into Italy, specifically Rome. If one practices Catholicism be careful. The problems posed by revolutionary governments in 1780 are consequently affecting tourism. However, by the latter part of this century, tourism is expected to flourish once again. As of now, Italy remains safe and open to travelers searching to explore its many wonders. Reaching Italy is no easy feat. For those travelers who choose to cross the northern boarder, they must first brave a carriage ride over the treacherous mountains. And for those travelers who choose the sea as a means of transportation encounter the threats of fierce winds. The Italian climate also affects the traveler. Rain and snowfall are able to dictate or alter each traveler’s schedule. Another threat once crossing the Italian border is the constant danger of brigands and pickpocketers. Be aware of your possessions and whereabouts at all times.

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