A city of magnificent churches and palaces, impressive stone houses of nobility, wide bridges over the Seine, gardens (the Tuileries, the Luxembourg, and the Palais Royal), the Louvre, the Sorbonne, and Notre Dame draw tourists to the most popular city of the Grand Tour and one of the most spectacular architectural cities in all of Europe. Make sure to also visit the Pantheon, Le Madeleine, and L’Opera. However, in order to enter this beautiful city one must travel through the barrier iron gates on all the roads. Upon arrival to Paris be prepared to be immediately taken to the Bureau du Roi where custom officials




The noise and bustle of the city and the constant activity appeal to many tourists for a period of time. However, the expensive hotels and food prices limit the average tourist’s amount of time spent in the city. To avoid this scenario, it is common for many tourists to lodge with private individuals who furnish lodging and assist in learning the French language. Rather than eating in expensive restaurants, travelers may dine in a public dining room to save money. Also, if staying for an extended period of time, one may choose to stay at the public ordinaires in Faubourg St. Germain which provides furnished rooms for only two guineas a month. On the other hand, some prefer to stay in one of the many expensive hotels such as the Hotel-Dieu, Henry de IV, or The Grand Hotel de Luine and view all the sites of Paris in only a few short days.


One can spend years on in the Louvre, so when visiting make sure you allot enough time to enjoy this maginificent place.

Paris is the center of sexual activity on the continent. Problems are created when impressionable, young British men fall in love with Parisians. Many travelers spend a large amount of time in Paris due to the easily accessible social circles, unlike those in Italy. British men of large fortunes indulge their passions in Paris. They seek Parisian women known for sexual freedoms and tarnished reputations. Rumors have it that Frenchmen are seldom troubled with jealousy and are known to become angry if travelers do not admire their wives. Parisian wives are generous with sexual favors. The strict social obligations, courting system, and hierarchy in England do not parallel the sexual freedom present throughout Paris. Therefore, many British men tend to fall into the French culture of expressing one’s sexuality.

Versailles, the palace of Louis XIV, can be reached by coche in only a few hours, if leaving from Paris. Versailles is one of the finest palaces in the world, yet it rarely meets the tourists’ expectations. Louis XIV’s masterpiece is dirty and filtrated by the poor, a dilapidated site from its once magnificent façade.

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