Italy’s largest and busiest city draws many travelers from all over. Grand tourists frequent Rome to discover its charm, antiquity, history, and culture. The Romans are rumored to provide excellent accommodations, healthy food, beautiful women, and fine entertainment. As a traveler in Rome, do not adopt the customs of the natives but attach oneself to some of the most refined Italians. Attempt to appreciate the Italian native talent and simple manner, Rome is a wonderful city to immerse oneself in the Italian culture. Rome’s fountains attract those persons interested in architecture and history, the most visited fountain being the Trevi fountain.

While walking through the city, be sure to visit the Coliseum, Rome’s past Gladiator arena. The Coliseum features the first canopy roof that could be installed when the sun was too bright and the emperor ordered its installment. However, since the roof was made of wood, it burned down during a fire. Bernini’s masterpieces can be found outside the Church of Santa Maria Novella and within St. Peter’s. Bernini’s burial pulpit over the tomb of St. Peter brings many men and women to view and worship in St. Peter’s. When one first approaches the Vatican, the piazza in front of St. Peter’s instantly draws one’s attention. The semi-circle of grand marble statues standing on columns in front of St. Peter’s displays the history of the Vatican and its religious leaders. As a visitor to Rome, be sure to visit the vicinity of the Spanish Steps and the Borghese Gardens as well. Many of the charms of Rome lie in wandering through the city and immersing oneself in the culture.


Michelangelo's divine artwork can be seen in his divine painting o the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, and this is one of the highlight's of the beautiful city.


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