During the time of the Carnival, many tourists flock to Venice. During the Carnival, everyone wears black and white masks and numerous spectacles such as bullfights, boxing, ceremonial processions, and wild beast shows take place. Venice’s canals endear many tourists to the city. Rafts and barges filled with fruits and vegetables row into the city in the morning bringing food to the city’s inhabitants. St. Mark’s gothic church and piazza, Ponte Rialto, the Grand Canal, Santa Maria Della Salute, Santa Lucia, San Giorgio Maggiore are frequently visited sites for many tourists.

Venice is known as the city of pleasure. However, Venice’s filth and stench prevail throughout the canals and streets and detract from the beauty of the city. Also, prostitution is a major problem in the city as well. Prostitutes line the bridges and streets tempting young tourist men. So, males please be careful!

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