Welcome to the Waiting Room
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Thank you for your patience. While you are waiting, please feel free to learn more about the medical profession and what it takes to become a doctor. Click here to learn more about our staff.

Our Patients

We are genuinely happy that you have decided to come to our Institute. We pride ourselves on our excellent health care and hold ourselves extremely accountable. In the past, many could only afford herbal potions sold by ignorant peddlers, which undoubtedly, failed to cure any illness. Because of the rising middle class, who demands better health care, we have had to raise the standards of our facility and improve training of our physicians. This rising class is also taking an educational interest in medical affairs. Many people are reading books on medical theory and practice thus creating more informed and curious patients. (1) We appreciate an educated patient because they ask for and question specific treatments, which they read about, causing us to remain on top of the leading medical practices. Thanks to the hard work of our doctors, TPIH has helped hundreds of people get physically well.

As a concerned health system, we are still attempting to draw in more of the lower class and more women who tend to down play their problems believing they are problems of "uterine debility" Please do not be shy and bring in your loved one today.

Oops! Looks like the doctor is not quite ready yet. Why don't you read the brochure below on doctors' training while you wait.