Edward Phillips

THE Stage-Mutineers: OR, A PLAY-HOUSE To be LETT

A Tragi-Comi-Farcical-Ballad OPERA, As it is Acted at the THEATRE-ROYAL IN COVENT-GARDEN.

Bella!--Horrida Bella!   (Virgil)


BRITONS, attend!-- Inspir'd the Poet sings
The Fall of Empires, and the Fate of Kings:
Empires by too much Policy o'erthrown,
And Kings expell'd from Kingdoms--not their own.
He sings no Fable, but Domestick Jars,
Heroic Dudgeons, and Theatric Wars:
Wars without Armies, Battles without Blood,
For Seas of Pasteboard, and for Realms of Wood.

Our Bard would fain some Novelty pursue;
And hopes this Theme will please, because 'tis New.
Long to your Sight the Stage has partial shown
Some Fools of all Professions--but their own:

Long has she laugh'd at Follies of the Age--
Laugh, in your Turn, at Follies of the Stage:
And lest our Drama, Sirs, should seem too mean,
We bring, to dignify the humble Scene,
A Ranting Hero and a Green Room Queen.

As to the Piece, our Bard says it may be
A Tragic Tale, Op'ra, or Comedy.
In short, it has what may to all belong,
Verse Fustian, Humble Prose, and Humbler Song.
Lest one dull, tedious Style your Tastes should pall,
By various Styles he hopes to please you all.
As to please All, to All he yields his Cause;
Let each, to what may please him, give Applause.