Take venice turpentine and white frankinsence finely powdered, and strew it into your turpentine till it be stiff enough not to run abroad. Mingling it with together with a knife and then spread it on round pieces of leather 2 inches and a half over for a man, and less for children.

When you have spread it over your plaister (plaster) with this liquid turpentine, and frankinsence mingled as before, then strew on more of the powder finely search'd (sifted) and so let htem lay and dry till a white paper will not stick to them.

And so, putting papers between each plaister, lay them up for use, and when you use them, warme them and apply them to the navel a little before the fit comes & let it lay on till they fall off themselves. If one plaister cures not then use a 2nd and so a 3rd, but the first seldom fails.

For Agues of All Sorts
Lewer, 180.

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