Take a flank of the youngest beef you can get and cut it into three pieces & put it into a paile of plump water and put 2 quarts of salt peeter to it and so let it lay 4 days and then take it out.

Take nutmeg cloves and mace in a reasonable quantity and a little pepper; beat it all together then take a handfull of sage and half as much young bay leaves shred very small and mingle the spices and them together and strew them between every layering of beef.

Roll it up in collers very close and keep fast with skewers as you tie it up, and then put in a pot with 3 pints of claret wine and a gallon of strong broth of mutton or fresh beef.

Before you lay your coller beef in water, take of the scumme in the inside, and when you put th collers in the pot, cover it with the scumme and then lay the over scumme three pounds of beef.

The pot must be very close past'd up and set in the over with brown bread, and stand 10 hours and then take it out of the pot from the liquor and keep them dry for your eating.

Recipe for Coller Beef Lewer, 121.

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