Marylebone Pleasure Garden



Marylebone Garden by John Donowell, detail of left side


Women had a great place in the heritage of the gardens. They not only contributed to the patronage of the gardens, but they also provided much of the enertainment. In 1763 Thomas Lowe decided, in his first season managing the gardens, to recruit six female singers for the gardens. The most famous of these was Miss Ann Catley who had more than ten years experience behind her. So, on the 9th of May the gardens opened with three of the women and Thomas Lowe singing 'A New Musical Address to the Town'. Of course, such light-hearted tributes were accompanied by Handel's compositions and orchestras in order to provide the public with variety. (Sands 57-61)

When the winter months made the enjoyment of the outdoors impossible, Marylebone Garden found a different way to enertain and impress London residents. In 1760-61 in particular, the gardens opened themselves to the 'genteel Company'. It was Miss Trusler, not a male chef, who created the menu and had ultimate control of food services. Thus, she was behind the appeal to the gardens at this time. (Sands 47-49)

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