Smaller Pleasure Gardens

  1. Islington Spa or New Tunbridge Wells -- Like many of the spas of the time, this spa was created after the discovery of a spring in the 1680s. The spa advertised itself as a place where the water had healing powers. Royalty would be seen at the spa, drinking the water. However, as with the other gardens, the walks were very famous. Beautiful art lined the paths and there was always something to observe. It was a place where women could meet men to marry. A Mrs. Rubrick goes as far as to say, "Oh, the watering-places are the only places to get young women lovers and husbands." (Wroth 15-21)


  2. Ranelagh House and Gardens --"There's your famous Ranelagh that you make such a fuss about; why what a dull place is that!" Burney's Evelina was not impressed with the gardens, but it is hard to see a reason. William Jones, architect to the East India Company, constructed the lavish rotunda which was decorated with golden lamps, precious stones and metals, and lace. Still, it may have well held an atmosphere of boredom for people such as Burney. (Wroth 62-67)


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