Take a gallon of small white wine and 8 pints of rosemary flowers, 3 pines of shell snails, 3 lemons sliced thin, of balm and flax feed of each a handfull, 4 sheets of Venice paper and a dog of 9 days old.

Take the snails out of the shells and wash them in 12 waters, then drain them in a linnen cloth. Kill also the dog and flay it, and fling away the head. Dry the 4 quarters in a linnen cloth and then put all this into a glass still together, and draw it with a pretty quick fire.

Ye first pint will be the principal, the 2nd and 3rd very good. Put to each pint 2 ounces of white Sugar candie finely beaten, & so keep it for your use bathing it 3 times a day with a fine cloth or tufts of white raw silk.

Facewash for SmallPox Victims
Lewer, 110.

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