Vauxhall is the largest 18th century pleasure garden and it best illustrates what most gardens offered. Women were able to go to Vauxhall and escape the usual social restraints placed upon them. They could travel down the dark walks, which were a secluded haven for couples. They could also stroll down a lit, main walk where women in full evening gowns accompianed men who carried their hats under their arms. While walking, couple could enjoy the sounds of the best orchestras and singers in Britain. Though the social class sometimes followed individuals into Vauxhall, everyone was basically equal once they arrived.

In the days of Mr. Tyrers' management (from 1732 until his death in 1767) the dark walks were an adventure for young women. "Frisky Maids from the city delighted in braving the dangers of those solitudes, and there were not wanting gallant youths who provided the necessary excitement" Thus, authors such as Fielding and Burney advantage of the pleasuregardens as a place where their heroines could experience excitement which did not enter their everyday lives.

Vauxhall provided many women to express themselves in unvconventional ways. The manners of upper class women included dressing well and being seen with the right people, but it also got a bit more interesting. Certain groups of these women, for instance, would pride themselves on how well they could imitate the crowing of cocks. Particular women, a Mrs. Woolaston for example, were distinguished masters of the imitation.

Indeed there were many hilarious moments at Vauxhall, some of which wouldn't be seen as hilarious at the time. One night in 1782, The Prince of Wales visited Vauxhall. The British Magazine told of situation which unfolded as the music was over and the Prince was found out. As he retreated from the pursuing crowd, ladies followed him and then gentlemen followed the ladies. When the curious onlookers joined in, the pursuit turned into a half an hour episode ending in some minor injuries and many demolished outfits.(Boulton 28-34)

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