Who Wants to be a Perfect Mother?

An Interactive Game for Expectant Mothers

As we approach the end of the eighteenth century, we welcome you, expectant mothers. We realize that the nine months before your precious child is born is a nervous time. Your head is filled with questions and uncertainties regarding proper nutrition, nurturing techniques, and the wonderful process of childbirth. That is why we created the“Who Wants to be a Perfect Mother?” informative game. It is our hope to answer all your inquiries and to help make this experience as pleasurable as possible. Not only will you learn everything you need to know about labor and childrearing, but you will also be rewarded for the beautiful and gratifying act of becoming a mother.

The format for this guide is quite simple. The more questions you correctly respond to, the more rewards you will receive. It is our belief that motherhood, although often difficult and trying, is the most celebrated role a woman can possess. We want to make this time of your life more comfortable by eliminating any doubts and hopefully compensating your newfound knowledge.

We will provide you with a brief introduction to the topic of childrearing and motherhood in the eighteenth century just so you have a starting point for this game. Mothers have shifted from being less active in their children's lives toward being more compassionate, nurturing, and involved. Unfortunately, the physical act of labor has not become any easier. We will not lie to you; childbirth is an arduous process. Scientific advancements have been made, such as the use of forceps during childbirth, but infant mortality still remains high. Another difference is the movement away from wet nurses. They are still somewhat prevalent, but more emphasis is being placed on your personal interaction with your children. So be prepared, mothers; the majority of you will be the ones in charge of educating your children. But that is not the primary focus of this interactive game. It will test your knowledge of the birthing process and raising your infants and toddlers.

So sit back, soon-to-be-mothers, and take our quiz. Answer each question to the best of your knowledge, and if you're correct, you will be properly rewarded. Good luck, ladies!

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